Hippies with Land Rover, our lifestyle

This article talks about our philosophy of life and how to pick the best concepts of the Frugality and Hippies lifestyle.

The Hippies

Mr. and Msr. HdLR… just Joking 🙂

So many people relate the hippie movement with drugs and rebels, well, I guess there was a lot of that during the 60’s. Nevertheless, once you dig deeper into the movement you understand there was more than that. The principles of the Hippie movement were simple, freedom, peace and love. Those same concepts are truly connected with the FIRE movement, in fact, Vicky Robin (The author of the book Your money or your life) was one of the first Hippies pursuing FI. (Listen to the ChooseFI episode)

Digging deeper into the pillars of the movement:

 FREEDOM: this was the pillar and the indispensable base that moved the hippies. They rejected at all costs the rigid and squared mindset that was so common during those days.

Their wish was that someday everyone could dress as they wanted, have their own thinking, free from consumerism, being in harmony with the planet earth who gives us everything and, that people in the earth had a living like brothers and sisters.

LOVE: The hippies wanted wars to be ended, deaths and misery of the world to be finished, so they lived in large heedless colonies and all were considered brothers because they believed they shouldn’t be angry or arguing with each other for the simple fact that we all have to coexist in the same world.

PEACE: The hippies wanted peace for the world, for the environment, especially among heads of states (presidents) them although they were revolutionaries and protested to the government, they did it to save lives, to end wars and reject injustice.

Characters like John Lennon, Janis Joplin, the Beatles, and Pink Floyd supported this revolution that tried to change and leave their mark on this world.

Hippies, but… with Land Rover

Our concept of Hippies with Land Rover takes up the base of the hippie movement and one of the pillars that I mentioned: Freedom! Freedom across the whole spectrum of the word…

Rancho Hippie with Land Rover
Our lifestyle

For a long time, I thought it was possible to live totally outside of the world of money but, it is not.

We live in a society where money determines everything, access to education, to the pleasures of good food, to comfort, to good health care, etc … however, it is well known that money does not buy happiness. 

You can have all the money in the world but at the same time, you can be lonely, sad, depressed, etc.

Even here in Switzerland where you can live decently even with a “shitty” job, people get depressed and some suicide, why? Because money does not buy happiness. I do believe that happiness lies in freedom and, in this world, we live in, freedom must also be financial freedom because you need money to get access to everything else. (By the way, if you’re interested in happiness, watch this TED talk)

So we want to achieve 360 degrees of freedom and thus, financial freedom too. Financial freedom will allow us to live without attachments and combined with the principles of freedom, peace, and love we can live a fulfilling life… I know, I know, “peace and love” sounds sooo hippie and the idea of a hippie thing that comes to mind is a young man smoking marijuana long hair, bell-bottoms, etc … that is not our concept at all, in fact, we don’t even smoke 😊

Be free

Imagine BEING FREE! Being free in every sense, to start with, having free thought, you can think whatever you want, you can decide to be a healthy or junky person, you can decide to grow your own food and not to go to the supermarket to buy it. 

Ad now financial freedom! If you want, you can buy your Land Rover or buy a luxury home or travel 1st class do whatever you want! 

That total freedom allows you to live the life you want, the life you build. Not to be tied to work from 8 am to 5 pm or in countries like Mexico or Colombia to be forced to have 2 jobs to survive, to be able to buy things you do not even need. Things that “make you feel free” when in reality, those same things take your freedom away.

Mrs. HdLR and I are working hard to achieve financial freedom that complements the mental freedom we have today, we believe in peace, freedom, and love (that sounds less hippy hehe)

Frugalism or Freeganism?

Frugality, freegans
Is this being freegan? or frugal?

According to Wikipedia Frugality in terms of behavioral science has been defined as:

the tendency to acquire goods and services in a restrained manner, and resourceful use of already owned economic goods and services, to achieve a longer-term goal.

Sometimes outsiders from the FIRE community identify frugality as Freeganism, that, according to Wikipedia, is an ideology of limited participation in the conventional economy and minimal consumption of resources, particularly through recovering wasted goods like food

Well, both concepts are close to each other but, being frugal is looking at a longer-term goal, being freegan is looking at a more ideological concept which in part, Hippiism, Frugalism, and Freeganism blend together with “Investism” to create FIREism 🙂

Some people try to be frugal and desist, it is not easy to be in this world full of things to be bought and try to be the margin that. 

Avoid unnecessary purchases or buy used stuff all the time, look for things and reuse discarded by others. 

Avoid going to restaurants not go to football games etc … In practice, there are those who live the frugal life to the extreme, and some people define Frugality as being miserable – haha ​​- it sounds very strong, right? For some people living a frugal life or living miserably is the same. Is it miserable to look for free food in the trash to avoid spending money so you can save and invest? (Ask the Freegans)

I think that Frugality is an important basic principle and can be used without being extremist. 

The concept of living below your means, appreciate things the world has to offer for free is a very old concept but often forgotten.

To conclude

We want to be Hippies at heart but with the financial freedom to own a Land Rover by choice.

We do not want frugality at the extreme but to live below our means, living a life that fulfills you without trying to fulfill it with things but with moments and experiences.

Cultivate your freedom, forget about buying things you don’t need. Don’t self-pet yourself by falling in the trap of buying things “because you deserve it” fuck that!

Put yourself in a position of fuck you and be a Hippie with a Land Rover because… why not!?

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