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Hi there, this is Erik (Mr. Hippie with Land Rover) my wife, Mrs. HdLR and our 2 kids Mini and Baby HdLR and this is our story…

We’re a family of four, living in the Italian part of Switzerland, a canton called Ticino.

In 2015 Mrs. HdLR and I decided to start our journey towards Financial Independence with the idea of reaching it by 2019.

By the end of 2019, we achieved the number that allows us to live in FI with a Safe Withdrawal Rate (SWR) of 3.5% in any part of Latin America.

The initial idea was that by 2019 we could leave Switzerland and move to Colombia or Mexico and live in a ranch, but life just happens and: we started the process to become Swiss nationals so that the kids could come back one day if they want that, this is delaying our departure from this beautiful country.

So, while we’re here, we’ll continue increasing our nest and having more time to plan the move.

What is this all about?

HdLR family
Looking for the ranch

Our dream is to Become Financially Independent, to move to our Hippies with Land Rover ranch while we get the living money from our SWR and so, not to be forced anymore to change the time for money.

We want to live our “youth” with our kids and spend as much time as possible with them at the end of the day, they grow so fast.

To live every day like if it’s the last one you have.  And spend our time as we want without being forced to do what you don’t want to do.

How are we going to achieve it?

Saving… investing… saving… investing
Following our Investors Policy Statement (IPS) that basically holds a portfolio of indexed low-cost ETFs

And, from time to time to try new things to increase the number.

This is our portfolio so far and we’ll tune it as needed.

What does FI mean for the HdLR Family?

Rancho HdLR
  1. To have enough cushion to live relaxed and not paycheck by paycheck.
  2. To able to live the rest of our lives without thinking about money, instead, to think about new adventures and life experiences.
  3. Not to be forced to change our time for money
  4. To enjoy our family and kids as much time as possible, grow together with them.
  5. To enjoy Capitalism without Consumerism

Ok.. ok.. but… how much do you need to become HdLR?

Our target is to save between 50 and 60% of our income while we live in Switzerland, you can follow the progress in the series Frugal Swiss Life.

All the savings go to investments as per IPS.

The initial target was to reach an SWR of 3.5% of our investment portfolio, meaning to hold ~29x our yearly expenses. All this is following the 4% rule of thumb.  

By the end of 2019, we would be FI, meaning that we could live from our investments.

That income would be enough to provide a Hippies with Land Rover lifestyle, covering all the expenses from private schools to everyday fun and travels. Follow as well as Geoarbitrage and how much it costs to live in… where you can find some of our analysis.

 What are you going to do in a Ranch?

Oh! Good question, that’s the first question we are asked all the time. Don’t you think you’ll get bored?

No way! Our plan is to be able to grow our own food and have enough space to have a dog, caw, and chickens for our own consumption.

Our plan is to buy at least 10,000 m2 of land in the beautiful mountains of Colombia, where the temperature is between 22 and 26 degrees the whole year, with a high-speed internet connection and simply enjoy every day over there.

Another blog? How is HdLR’s blog different?

There are many blogs out there now. We’d like to focus on the family towards FI journey. Having kids changes the game.

  • Living in Switzerland as Expat
  • Discover Frugal Switzerland and frugal Ticino
  • Our journey to become Swiss nationals
  • The costs of raising 2 kids in Switzerland
  • How to save and invest while raising a family

Also, we’ll share our experiences and suggestions, recipes and follow along with us the search for the HdLR Ranch, house construction and all necessary to live in it.

Follow along our financial journey and give us your feedback.

We have a Facebook page too where we’d like to share pictures and adventures, follow up here.

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