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HdLR’s Investor Policy Statement (IPS)

[This Investor Policy Statement was originally posted in Spanish in August 2018, a new version of the IPS is coming…] [Drums sound]… tttrrrrrr….trrr…Ladies and gentlemen… 2019 is just around the corner and… it is the year we have established as our retirement target date!   so…...

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Hippies with Land Rover, our lifestyle

This article talks about our philosophy of life and how to pick the best concepts of the Frugality and Hippies lifestyle. The Hippies So many people relate the hippie movement with drugs and rebels, well, I guess there was a lot of that during the...

Hydroponics DIY at home 0

Lighting our homemade hydroponics (DIY)

As you know, Mrs.. HDLR and I are learning the principles of at home, hydroponic cultivation for vegetables, this article talks about the type of lighting that we use and how we have chosen that solution. Light plays an important role in hydroponics, especially if...

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